Jase Foods Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K. company was founded in 2016. We are a family company based in Gdynia. The founders of the company are Jacek Austen and his son Bartłomiej Austen.

Jacek Austen has gained experience for many years in the agri-food industry firt on the German wholesale martket. Later on his initiative the Renk Wholesale Market was established in Barniewice (Poland), where he was the president for many years. Last years he spent in Ukraine, where he was helping to restructure the local companies. Consequently he is speciliezed in Ukrainian market and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bartłomiej Austen has over a dozen years of experience in wholesale trade in Frozen goods in Poland. Jase Foods is engaged in wholesale trade in fresh and Frozen agri-food goods. We have proven suppliers/producers in the European Union, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, Serbia, Egypt, from we import to Poland fruits and vegetables. We also specialize in export to this countries goods from Poland.

We warmly invite you to cooperation (Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm):


+48 730 662 260 Sales Assistant Sebastian Jakubiec